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Thank you Miriam

Mrs. Chamberg has been with the Aish Cleveland office since January 2007 as the organization’s administrator and program coordinator.

Prior to joining the Aish family as a member of the staff, Mrs. Chamberg began learning about Judaism with Aish in 1998. She loved what she learned, went to Israel on a trip with Rabbi and Rebbetzin Appel and became observant with the help of all the Aish Rabbis, learning the laws of Shabbos, Chumash and many other topics related to Judaism. Today, Mrs. Chamberg attends classes two or three times weekly to maintain her learning.

Mrs. Chamberg graduated from Notre Dame College in Cleveland, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management.

Her Previous responsibilities included working for 23 years at the Perry Nuclear Power Plant as a Communications Specialist. She is married to Simcha, a Mechanical and Electrical Engineer. They have three children and seven grandchildren. A favorite activity is to visit them every year in Seattle and Atlanta. 

Mrs. Chamberg was born in Cuba and left the country in 1961 as a teenager. She also works as a volunteer for the Chevra Kadisha and the Mikve, helps Atidenu with carpools, volunteers at the Nishei Library and is available to teach Judaism in Spanish.